The following note was written by Heather, Ira's little sister, as an assignment in her third grade class. The students were asked to describe where they would go and what they would do if they could travel anywhere back into time:

        "If I could go any place at any time I would go to the University of San Diego in the year 1999 in March. I would go there because I could remind my brother, Ira, to wear a helmet when he goes on his skateboard so when he did fall off he wouldn't have died. I would see Ira and maybe some of his friends. Maybe I would see the sun or some birds. Maybe I would feel the sun shining on me or maybe the breeze of the wind. I would taste the things that Ira had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would hear Ira talking to his friends and listening to music. I would smell food and fresh air." Heather Morihara - January 18, 2000

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